Tahiti, French Polynesia

World Surf League

15 May, 2024
The World Surf League (WSL) is the premier professional governing body for the sport of surfing, overseeing and organizing competitive surfing events worldwide. Established in 1976 as the International Professional Surfing (IPS) organization, the WSL has since evolved into the leading authority for professional surfing, managing elite competitions, athlete rankings, and global tours. The World Surf League traces its origins back to the early days of professional surfing when surfers sought to establish a formalized platform for competitive events and athlete representation. Over the years, the organization underwent several transformations and rebranding efforts, culminating in the establishment of the WSL in its current form. Today, the WSL operates as the pinnacle of professional surfing, showcasing the world's top surfers in high-stakes competitions across the globe. The WSL oversees a diverse range of competitive events, including the Championship Tour (CT), Qualifying Series (QS), Big Wave Tour (BWT), and Longboard Tour (LT). The Championship Tour serves as the premier circuit, featuring the world's best male and female surfers competing at iconic surf breaks around the world. The Qualifying Series provides a pathway for aspiring surfers to earn qualification for the CT, while the Big Wave Tour and Longboard Tour cater to specialized disciplines within the sport.

Event Schedule

  • Tour includes Camp, Board, Shoes
  • Schedule 5 days 18 hrs
  • Daily Times Tour starts 8am daily
  • Price 89,00