Turks and Caicos Islands

Water Polo World

15 May, 2024
Water polo is a dynamic and intense team sport played in water between two teams. Often described as "soccer in the water" or "rugby in the water," water polo combines elements of swimming, ball handling, and strategic team play. Water polo originated in the late 19th century as a form of aquatic rugby in Great Britain, evolving into a distinct sport with its own set of rules and regulations. It gained popularity across Europe and eventually spread to other parts of the world. Today, water polo is played at various levels, from local clubs and schools to national and international competitions. Water polo is played in a pool, typically with a depth of around two meters. Two teams of seven players each (six field players and one goalkeeper) compete to score goals by throwing a ball into the opposing team's net. Players can move the ball by swimming, passing, or dribbling, but must adhere to rules governing physical contact and fouls. Matches consist of multiple quarters, with teams vying for possession, defending their goal, and executing offensive strategies to outscore their opponents.

Event Schedule

  • Tour includes Camp, Board, Shoes
  • Schedule 3 days 12 hrs
  • Daily Times Tour starts 10am daily
  • Price 49,00