Algarve, Portugal

Sailing Regattas

29 Mar, 2024
Sailing regattas are exhilarating events that bring together sailors and sailing enthusiasts from around the world to compete in races across various bodies of water. These events showcase the skill, strategy, and teamwork required to navigate the winds and currents to victory. Sailing regattas can take place in oceans, seas, lakes, or rivers, depending on the location and type of event. Popular venues include coastal areas with reliable winds, inland lakes with picturesque surroundings, or urban waterfronts providing a spectacular backdrop. Regattas typically feature a variety of race formats, including fleet racing, match racing, and team racing. Fleet racing involves multiple boats competing against each other, while match racing pits two boats head-to-head in a duel of tactics and speed. Team racing involves groups of boats representing different clubs or countries, strategizing and working together to outmaneuver their opponents.

Event Schedule

  • Tour includes Camp, Board, Shoes
  • Schedule 2 days 2 hrs
  • Daily Times Tour starts 11am daily
  • Price 39,00